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The Disability and Equality Act 2010 aims to ensure that service providers and employers do not unreasonably discriminate against people with disabilities.

The Act puts an obligation on businesses to make reasonable adjustments where, if adjustments were not made, a disabled person would be at a substantial disadvantage compared to people who are not disabled.

The three requirements for making reasonable adjustments are

  • A policy or procedure
  • The provision of auxiliary aids and services.
  • Physical features

The Equality and Human Rights Commission recommend that you undertake an Access Audit. This audit will identify the reasonable steps required to avoid a substantial disadvantage

  • Remove or alter the feature
  • Provide a means of avoiding the feature
  • Provide an alternative method of making the service available to all

An Access Audit is the first step to reduce a civil proceeding being raised against you. Bluekeep can undertake an Access Audit or a desk top survey of proposed works on your behalf.

The resulting reports will identify areas where reasonable adjustments may be required and recommendations on the best ways to reduce the risk of litigation proceedings.


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