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The effects of a fire can be devastating in terms of lives lost, injuries, damage to property and continuity of business. Most fires are avoidable and can be prevented by adopting simple fire safe behaviour and procedures.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 invokes a statutory duty on employers to undertake and continually review a fire risk assessment in most types of premise within their control. (There are large fines and/or imprisonment, for up to 2 years for non-compliance.)

The Regulations apply to all non-domestic premises in England and Wales, including the common parts of blocks of flats and houses in multiple occupation (HMOs). The fire risk assessment should identify the hazards present in the building and then consider whether these hazards present a risk and if so how that risk can be eliminated, reduced, or made acceptable.

It is the duty of the building owner, employers or their responsible person to ensure that a “suitable and sufficient” fire risk assessment is in place for their premises covering all aspects of fire safety in the building.

Qualified, with a Certificate in Fire Risk Assessment and Auditing and experienced in a wide range of building types Bluekeep can conduct an assessment on your behalf; the assessment will include: -

1. The inspection of your premise,
2. A review of your evacuation policy, training, maintenance and other records
3. The provision of a written, dynamic report with significant findings and action plans.

Fire strategy documents and consultation

Building control bodies and Fire Authorities require fire safety information for a premise be developed and made available at the completion of a scheme to the client, for them or their responsible person to undertake a Fire Risk Assessment.

Early development of an effective fire strategy document provides the design team with a clear understanding of the proposed fire strategy philosophy and to appreciate what effects it may have on the design. It will contain key information on the specification of fire safety systems and confirmation of compliance with the relevant codes or identify deviations from the codes with justification of the alternative solution.

With our intermit knowledge of the Building Regulations and our experience of application of these, and fire risk assessments, Bluekeep are ideally positioned and skilled in the preparation of fire strategies for premises.


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